Nontraditional students: are you getting your money's worth?

Nontraditional students, you are paying for tuition, books, lab fees, tuition, and on and on.

But are you really getting your money's worth?

Some ways of really getting your money's worth are:

1. Taking as many classes as you can handle if you are paying a set fee for part-time or full-time enrollment.
2. Attending school as much as possible.
3. Taking advantage of extra services on campus like health services, counseling, free or reduced-fee exercise classes and facilities. Some schools also have cut-rate dental services for students.
4. Making appointments with school guidance advisors to help your with your next semester's class schedule.
5. Attending extra events like free lectures, music and theater performances, and more.
6. Enrolling in health insurance policies for students, which can be offered at a great group rate.
7. Joining clubs or fraternal groups - - these groups are opening up for nontraditional students and can be a great place to relax and make friends too, which actually CAN help your grades!
8. Using the free tutoring services and learning labs often available at vocational school, GED locations, and colleges.
9. Using the free computer labs and library facilities at school.

Can you think of a #10 thing a nontraditional student can get their money's worth with at school? I would love to add it here.

Nontraditionally yours,

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