Inspiring Stories from Nontraditional Students

They did it. You can do it too.
I admit it. Sometimes it's just fun to read stories about people who overcome the odds. They are the underdogs, my kind of favorite people who keep on going, no matter what. They overcome obstacles. They follow their dreams.

Many nontradititonal students are like that. The stories here are picked to inspire.

The Columbia Daily Tribune in Columbia, Missouri has a great (and short! - the kind I like most...) article about several nontraditional students who bravely kept on with their classes in spite of things like a brain aneurism and moving to a new location.

The students were "optimistic risk-takers who knew the importance of investing time and money in their education."

Here is that article:
For Nontraditional Students, Day Marks Victory.

The Flagler College Gargoyle (St. Augustine Florida) writes about a student who has to "fight nerves" to go back to school. He has problems walking, and is disabled. He feels like he is "making his way against the flow" at times.

Although most people are nice and don't give him many problems about the way he walks, some actually knock him around in their hurry to get someplace.

Here is that story:
Nontraditional Student Sweats Out First day

Finally, this story from NewsNet Nebraska tells about a student, Pablo Rangel, who would always get down when he drove by school and he was still not registered for classes. He always wanted to go back, but somehow did not do it for many years.

The problem, he said, with working in his job in the construction field, was that he was "limited by other people's success." There was only so far he could go without further education.

Finally, Pablo did go back to school, and graduated, too. Here is his story:

Dedication pushes student to graduate at 38

I hope these stories do inspire you. They remind me that nontraditional students ARE brave. They are voyaging into the unknown to make their future better, and that of their families too.

Are you a nontraditional student? Are you thinking of going back?

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