Some Study and Final Project Tips

Tips for Final Projects and Studying...
Do you have some Final Projects and Test Studying coming up? If you are in school right now, chances are you do, especially if you are an Education student or an Art student. I was most recently an Education student. These tips will help nontraditional students with Spring semester studies and projects.

Education Students
I found that completing projects early, if possible, helped me a lot. I could then fix any problems OR go to the teacher or professor for his or her advice before the project was due. I got some very constructive and useful criticism that way. Of course, there is no time for this if you are doing your assignments the last minute, which I also used to do.

Art Students
My projects took ALL my time, it seemed, when I had studio classes. One way around that dilemma could have been to start earlier on them. I always UNDERestimated the time my projects would take. Weaving students: (this is funny, but true for me...) use THICKER yarn. I used very thin yarn, and my final handweaving project took forever. It was pretty big, so that was also part of it. On the good side, I did get it on an Art Department slide!

All Students
Writing down my OWN deadlines and using them in a calendar or planner helped me a lot. I split up my assignments and had "due dates" for each part of them. What a change from my first time in school! That time, I would simply wait until the last week, and do my best to write reports in a limited time. I'm sure the quality of my writing suffered a lot. Plus, I was not able to change anything, because I barely got them done by the deadline.

Some of my other Study and Final Project tips:
1. Cut down on TV watching if you are studying at the same time by yourself. I personally don't (sometimes) mind TV on, but other times I get more done at a library setting. Or you can set a home study place up if you have room.
2. Make flash cards for must-know facts.
3. Consider making a study group for last-minute or weeks-before studying.
4. Ask your teacher or professor questions about what will be on the test or quiz - sometimes this helped me.
5. If in doubt of a due date, ask a fellow classmate.
6. Use a highlighter to highlight important facts on your notes. I used to type my notes up, which added another layer of understanding for me.
7. Reward yourself for getting things done. This doesn't have to be a food reward, but maybe buying a little something for yourself might be fun and break up the study monotony.
8. Stay organized - - looking for an assignment sheet instead of having the extra time later can be counterproductive.
9. Practice calming techniques before a test, including telling yourself you CAN do it, and deep breathing.
10. Keep a positive attitude. This helps me with stress, which can sideline me if I keep thinking about stressful things. Keep your energy for your studies.

These other postings (below) will also help you with tests, studying, and projects. Please list your tips as comments too.

I would appreciate that, and will try to use them here or in future postings to help other nontraditional students.

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