Job Resources for Nontraditional Students - 6 ideas

Spring has definitely sprung.
The University of Scranton Weinberg Memorial Library

For one thing, it's a lot warmer here in Kentucky. For nontraditional students, Spring means finishing up the year, getting ready for summer school, or  even maybe graduating.

For those who are not going to school in the summer, they may need to get a temporary job until Fall. OR they may be continuing to work at their"regular" job, full or part-time.

For those who are not working outside of school, I have some sites and suggestions about summer or fall if you are going to be going to school again in the Fall full or part-time.

#1. Check with the school for Work-Study programs. These may not be as available as they used to be, but sometimes having this kind of job (even if it doesn't pay a lot) can really be great, as sometimes they work with school hours.  You may also want to tell your teachers or professors that you are looking. They may need an assistant, or know of a job there at the school that is perfect for you.

#2. Check with the Alumni Office Job Center if you have graduated and need a job. They can help you with your job search. I have not personally used them, but the one at WKU advertises that they have a help service there.

#3. Apply as early as possible for summer jobs. This may be a no-brainer, but sometimes school and work gets ahead of us all. There may indeed be summer jobs around where you are living that you could get.

#4. Register with and check with the most popular Job Search sites online. These include the Monster Job Boards, and the State Job Search Boards at your local Employment Office.

#5. Consider a job AT the school you are attending. Often, if you work for a school or University, you can get your classes at a deep discount. Sometimes this also applies for your family. OR see if there is a paid internship available. You may get credit for this job too.

#6. Are you footloose and able to travel? Sometimes you can do good deeds during the summer and have all your expenses paid. Some of these jobs will also pay you. Other ideas include working at a summer camp, travelling on a service-related overseas mission, or assisting with teaching or medical work. Other ideas include house-sitting or taking care of somebody's farm while they are on vacation.

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Have some other good job-finding tips? Please leave them in the comments section below here. Thank you!


The Springtime photo at the top of the blog posting is from the University of Scranton Weinberg Memorial Library in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Flickr.

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