You Deserve an Award and Some Rewards, nontraditional students!

5 Ways to Treat Yourself


All of you nontraditional students have been working VERY hard this semester. So, it's time to treat yourselves.

Here are some things you can do to help you through the last of your exams, tests, and final projects. OR maybe you are done with all that. So... here are some ways to celebrate.

#1. Pamper yourself with a great bath with bath oil beads, (natural, of course!), some epsom salts, and great shampoo. Then,

#2. Have a cup of hot chocolate, regular or diet. (I find Stevia or Truvia help make my hot chocolate sweet without a bad aftertaste.) A little vanilla helps mine too.

#3. Read a book you don't have to read for class. Suggestion: a great mystery, a fun fantasy, or even a romance!

#4. Go shopping, whether at a retail store or a bargain thrift shop. And buy something for yourself. It doesn't have to cost a lot - unless you want it to.

#5. Go on a mini-vacation to someplace close or far. OR have a staycation at home, reading or watching fun movies or even snuggling with your honeypie.

And don't forget seeing a great movie, going on a scenic walk or drive, going out to eat at a favorite restaurant, or visiting friends.

Do you have another suggestion to other nontraditional students? How do you plan to celebrate when all your finals and work is done this semester? Curious nontrads want to know!

Former Nontraditional student at WKU

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