Fall Break ideas - - what are YOUR plans?

Is Fall Break coming up soon?
Photo credit: This original photo is by byj on Wikimedia Commons.

I looked up Fall Break at Western Kentucky University, and saw that it is October 4th and 5th this year. Of course, the weekend is then tacked on (the 4th and 5th are a Thursday and Friday), but still... Fall Break is not really very long this year.

But fun can definitely be had - - or a report done. That's what I usually wound up doing during MY Fall Break anyhow.

I think of nontraditional students who have kids. I wonder, do their Fall Break days coincide with their kids' dates? I hope so!

Nontraditional students: what are your Fall Break plans? Do you need to scramble to find things for your kids to do during Fall Break?

Do you GET a Fall Break? I hope so.


Betsyanne is a current (pottery and writing) and former (Education classes) nontraditional student.

Nontraditional students are going back to school after a break. Are you a nontrad? Share your story in a comment too.

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