Nontraditional Student Groups

Nontraditional students - are you in a Nontrad group at school?
Education Meetup - this photo is by Faris Knight on

If yes, there are some links for you to bring up at your next meeting below.

If no, perhaps you would like to start one. Try finding a school mentor for your group, or go and talk to the student groups representative. You can also put an ad in the school paper about your proposed group, find others to join, or put a notice up on bulletin boards. Find out more about starting a nontraditional student group at this posting: Forming a Nontraditional Student Group.

Students who are lucky enough to already be in a group can have meetings with speakers, discussions, potlucks, or even babysitting available. There is a lot groups can do.

They can join a national group called ANTSHE, and can give awards through a nontraditional awards group called Pinnacle and Spire.

They can also add their group at the Add Link Page for a free listing on the Nontraditional Student website.

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And here are some other links:

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