Nontraditional Students - if you are on campus, you may be missing out.

Why not try some free fun and help along with your classes?

You may be missing out by just going to class, then going home every day.

Depending on your school, you have some pretty awesome student services and perks there that you can check out.

Here are just a few:

1. Student medical services - often, there is a clinic on campus that gives discounted shots, advice, checkups, etc. At some schools, student teachers take shots here. For instance, have you had your flu shot?

2. Nontraditional Student Services - some schools have special advisors just for nontrads. But if you do not, don't let that stop you. Advisors in your field can help you decide on a major, take your classes in order, and save you money.

Photo from Dakota County Technical College on Wikimedia Commons.

They can also help you qualify for internships, scholarships, and more. And some schools have nontrad clubs too.

3. Physical Education - many schools have up-to-the-minute gym classes with steep discounts for students and faculty. They have workout rooms, pools, and much more. Your student I.D. gets you in.

4. Help with classes: check out the tutoring available at your school, especially if you feel you need a hand with a difficult class.

5. Job Assistance - most schools have help for anyone wanting a job before or after they graduate. Take advantage of these services! There might even be a perfect on-campus job too.

Student Services Street by RadRafe at UNBC via Wikimedia Commons.

6. Computer Labs - school computers are high-speed, and have perks like printers, being close to class, and less competition for your attention, like you may have at home.

AND depending on the campus you are attending, there are often awesome movies, dramatic plays and events, clubs (yes, even sororities and fraternities if you are interested!) and other fun student events all the time.

Kaskaskia College Fitness Center and Gym by ThePhotoRun via Wikimedia Commons.

Get an issue of the student newspaper or just visit your Student Services to find out all you can do as a student at your school. And get involved!

Don't let shyness or concern about your age prevent you from having fun at the same time you are learning. These services and activities are for ALL students, no matter what their ages or situations.

You may also find that new friendships happen when you step outside of the classroom.

Add your suggestions of things you think other nontraditional students should check out at their schools by leaving a comment. It is much appreciated!

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