Nontraditional students, save money at school this year! 10 great tips.

Money Saving Ideas for Fall
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Are you going to school this Fall? Maybe you know a lot of money-saving ideas already. Here are some popular ones. Some are from the Yahoo Nontrads Site. Thanks, fellow nontrads! Others are from other postings.

I hope they are helpful!

#1. Save money on textbooks - you can share a textbook, buy a used one, or buy an online textbook! Find out more at the Textbook Options posting. Ask your instructor if a previous edition will work. They are often a lot cheaper.

#2. Save money on gas - plan out your schedule so you can walk to class, take some (or all!) online classes, and/or take the school bus and park your car for later. Join a gasoline co-op if available.

#3. Save money on food - buy a food ticket, or even bring your own lunches. Use supplied refrigerators if your school offers them.

#4. Save money on tuition - take the most hours you can handle in a semester. Check - it may not cost more to add a class if you are a full or part-time student.

#5. Save even more money on tuition - work for the school. Often, these jobs offer free or reduced-rate tuition as part of your work package. Ask to find out.

#6. Re-sell your books at the end of the semester if you don't plan to keep them. You can sell online or put a note up on campus boards.

#7. Live on campus if this is feasible. It is often cheaper. More and more nontraditional students are choosing this option.

#8. Bring drinks with you so you won't be tempted to buy more expensive drinks at school.

#9. Buy supplies and clothing at thrift stores. You may even find a backpack there.

#10. Make a budget and stick to it.

Add to this list! What is YOUR money-saving idea?

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