Remedial Classes for Nontraditional Students

Are you taking remedial classes?

Some students worry about taking remedial, or "catch-up" classes. But they may be required to take them because of a test score. Don't worry. taking a remedial class is really a good thing. You get to refresh your skills and become better prepared than (maybe) some other students in higher classes.

I took a remedial math class (099) in college. I was glad, too. For the first time, I could understand what was going on with formulas and algebra. I can't say it was really FUN, but I felt like I accomplished something by the end of the class. The teacher was great, and explained everything step by step.

And you may already know that getting a lower score on one or more subjects does NOT mean that you will be a low achiever or have a low IQ. You may have stupendous scores in other areas. Having to take a remedial class just means that at one point or another, you missed learning a step or concept, and needed extra help that you just have not gotten so far.

Today's students often can access extra help and bring their skills in every subject up to par early, before they go on to higher education. But if this did not happen for you, you CAN catch up and start with all the skills and knowledge you need to take a high level class.

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