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Ah... fashion. I do remember kind of caring about it a little bit when I was first in school. Once in awhile I would get a new blouse. (I didn't have a lot of money back then OR now!)

And now that I am older, I still like to see what is in style. I do want to be fashionable when I am in school, at least. I take my time with putting an outfit together sometimes, and try to pick something that looks pretty good on me.

With the economy the way it is, I don't have tons of money to spend on clothing, so that can be problematic.

There are clothes I won't even TRY to wear now. Some are age-inappropriate for me. I am well over 40, and trying to lose weight too. But that doesn't stop me from wanting new things sometimes, or at least new-to-me ones.

I still wear jeans! And now flared jeans, a la the seventies, are back in fashion. I like that! So.. the Classics are still in vogue. I remember getting a compliment on a multicolored sweater I wore to class as a nontraditional student. It was fun!

So, my advice is to find a few new or almost-new things to wear when you go back to school. Jeans are still OK for school, and a LOT of students still wear them. You of course don't need to copy the younger students, but you can still read fashion magazines and even check out what the professors are wearing (the fashionable ones!). I did find some articles on What to Wear for younger AND older people in school. I will list them here. It's fun to see what is in fashion.
This photo is from the Microsoft art and clipart pages.

Some things that surprised me about fashion nowadays: younger people do NOT always want to follow everyone else when it comes to fashion. They can be pretty individualistic sometimes. We are talking about stripes and designs together here. And there are still different categories for clothing. Some students do like the grunge look still, others mix and match, and still others get their inspiration from what people wear on the street, not from fashion magazines.

A save money tip: I know you can vary your look by purchasing different accessories and changing up what clothes you wear with each other. This can help make the same outfit look different. Check out discount stores, yard sales, paper ads, thrift stores and consignment stores, along with places like Ebay. You never know! You could luck out on some great outfits.

Here are three more articles you may like:
Back to school as an older student - what should you wear? 10 hints for the fashion-conscious older student on campus
What to Wear: for men and women going back to school
How to Find Designer Clothers for Less

And here are two of my sources for this article:
Steal This Style: fashion tips from Sherry Mathieson, style consultant, for Boomers and their kids
(One of her suggestions: don't shop in old person stores the look is baggy and "instant old".) Mothers can borrow some clothing from their kids, she says. (Maybe ask your kid if something you borrow actually looks good on you too!)
I lost track of time on this site. There are many good articles here.

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-Betsyanne, former nontraditional student

I went back to get my Teaching Credentials for English and Allied Arts. It was such a great learning experience. I would love to go back again someday. :-)

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