Back to school as an older student - what should you wear? 10 hints for the fashion-conscious older student on campus

Fashion for the older student on the high school, trade school, or college campus.

What Leslie is saying: "Hey, Bill! How are classes going? I wanted to ask you about something. I am tired of wearing the same old thing - my old purple shirt and my jeans. What can I do to be more fashionable at school?" Bill answers, "Well, I don't know. Just this morning, the younger people in my class asked me if I had heard of what a hoodie was. I hadn't. They said I needed one. Do YOU know what it is?"

Poor Bill. And poor Leslie. They need some fashion advice. And all people, no matter what their age, want to be up to date, at least as much as they can. And this includes clothes.

You may have all your ducks in a row. You could have all your books, your classes, and your schedule set up and going great. But you want to be fashionable at school, if for no other reason than to blend in better. Here are some great hints I have found to make sure you are ready AND good-looking at school.

1. Be comfortable. Remember, you might be walking quite a bit. You will also be sitting down and getting up a lot. So make sure you are comfortable in the clothes you wear to school. Also, you may want to tone down those high heels and wear some of the highly fashionable boots or low heels that are in fashion this year. And stay away from flip-flops, unless you are very good at wearing them. They make me trip.

2. Buy easy to clean clothing. Experts recommend mix and match outfits that are easy care - things you can wash and wear. Nothing that takes dry-cleaning!

3. Be yourself. You also do NOT have to copy younger students. Some tights and a pair of short shorts may look great on a younger person, but you do not have to wear them. Sometimes more conservative clothing, like a longer tunic or even looser clothing, can look better on people who may have some figure flaws. (Not to say that all older student will have figure problems, but wearing very revealing clothing can actually make you look OLDER, instead of younger.)

4. Look around at other older people, such as teachers and other older students. What is fashionable in your area? Sometimes where you are can influence fashion in a big way. Try looking at what people are wearing at special events, at your classes, and at shopping areas can be eye-opening. You do not have to look like you are going to a party every day.

5. Work with what you already have in your closet, especially if you don't have the money in your budget to buy a lot of new clothes for school. Will a new long scarf look good with your green outfit, for example? How about updating our wardrobe with a cute new shirt or a new pair of skinny jeans? What about that pair of teal pants you never wear? Maybe a teal sweater or even a new off-white blouse would let you have a new outfit look for 1/2 the price. Also, you can always switch off your clothes and combine them in new ways to get a new look.

6. Are you good at sewing, and can you operate a sewing machine? Older students sometimes have had at least one sewing class in the past. Update your clothing by making a long-sleeve shirt a short-sleeve, or make your jeans shorter. Check out the latest easy-to-sew ideas in a pattern book at Wal-Mart or another store. Fashions can sometimes come out early in a sewing book and you can get some good ideas on how to use your clothing and how to combine patterns and colors.

7. Sometimes a new hat (for any season) can look great and update an outfit. Also, a new trendy belt over an old sweater can look great and is in fashion too. Accessorizing can be the least expensive way to be trendy, and still save money.

8. Try looking for new-to-you clothing in resale shops. More and more people are shopping in used clothing shops nowadays, You don't have to feel at all bad about it. In fact, people will think you are thrifty, which is a good thing. You can change colors and add zip to your wardrobe with a scarf, a new outfit, a new purse, and a lot more in some consignment stores. One hint: try not to buy anything white here. You may find a spot later which you could not see in the store.

9. Find out from your family and friends what looks good on you. Fashion today is not just about following the latest trends, although that is fun to do. It is also about customizing fashion to make yourself look the very best you can. Sometimes people just automatically KNOW what makes them look good. Don't be afraid to ask. If you can't ask a friend or family member, ask a store clerk. It is their business to not only know fashion, but to be able to find flattering clothing for their customers.

10. Keep abreast of fashion. This means looking at magazines, new hairstyles, and checking fashion websites. Do you see some new colors or trends while you are out and about? If you are aware of fashion, you can make fashion work for YOU.

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