New ideas for saving money at school

I am so thrilled about getting these great ideas today.

They are from the Nontrad Group on Yahoo. I mean, don't most students need to save money? I know I for sure needed to when I was a nontraditional student. So here are those ideas from the Nontraditional Student Yahoo Group, not in any particular order:

How to save money in school

Rent or borrow your course books
One good site:
Get notebooks and pens from the Dollar Store.
Borrow a backpack from a friend.
Use the same backpack from other years
Bring your own food to school including a thermos, which can be used for cold drinks or hot drinks, or soup.
Take leftovers to school.
Work part-time to pay for expenses.
Take classes with a close friend or family member to share on the book. Studying together is also a win-win proposition.
Park your car and use the bus.
Buy books online or on Craigslist. This person also uses Abebooks. It can be cheaper than renting.
Use Craigslist to swap or purchase books. I used Amazon or Ebay to buy mine.
Use an earlier edition of the book if the teacher permits. There may only be a small difference in it and the newer one (like page numbers).
Buy almost everything at thrift stores, even binders, notebooks, pens, clothes, and shoes. You can also buy rolling backpacks, but do your research first on them so they last a long time.
Bring Ramen cup o'noodles to eat.
Re-sell your used books the next semester.
Walk to campus instead of using your car if you live close.
Join a gas station co-op.
Keep fruit and nuts in the car.
Use,, and Ebay half price books sites.
Shop around for the best book prices.
Kindle ebooks are sometimes cheaper.
Living on campus saves money and gas expenses.
Use a refrigerator on campus if you have access to one.
Bring water or other beverages to drink.

I love these! Thank you, Nontrads! Want to add more? Just add them as a comment right below here.

Your suggestions will make this list even better.


Former Nontrad Student in Kentucky

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