Groups for Nontraditional Students Online

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Sometimes it's just good to talk with friends.

And if you are online, there are some nontraditional student sites where you can make new friends.

It's a great way to get information, find great links, and talk with other students.

The Nontraditional Student Yahoo Group - this group has 272 members.

Nontrads on Facebook - 424 members

Nontrads on Twitter

Old Premeds for Nontraditional Students

Nontraditional Medical Students

ANTSHE on the web (a national group)

ANTSHE on Facebook

There are a bunch of nontraditional student groups on Facebook across the country. You can find them by searching for "nontraditional students" on Facebook.

Got another group to list? Just add it as a comment. Are you a nontraditional student? What would you like to share? Add that too.


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The Nontrad site and blog