Surviving your first semester back at school - 10 tips

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10 Tips to do well back at school.
OK - you did it. You signed up for school, and you are going back.
Whether you just signed up for one class, or are taking more, now is the time to take out some insurance on finishing with a good grade.
Here are some hints to help you succeed.
 #1. Keep a positive attitude. Visualizing success can be a great help to success. Get motivated with 10 Motivational Tips.
#2. Get organized. Keep a notebook and a planner. Try these tips on organization to help you:  Get Organized for Finals.
#3. Use your highlighter. Some classes with reading assignments do use these on tests. So, though it may go against every lecture by a librarian, you may want to take out that highlighter and use it for important points you read.
#4. Reach out. Start connecting with other students, whether you are in an online class or an in-person one. Here are some ways to do that: Get to know your college professors,  form a study group, and maybe even start a Nontraditional Student group at your school.
#5.  Take care of yourself. This means getting plenty of sleep (I know, this is hard sometimes...), pampering yourself, and being kind to yourself. Avail yourself of the often-free counseling services your school offers if you need them.
#6. Enlist your family's help. They may need to pitch in on family chores, and your regular, used-to-do duties. Your focus will be on your class or classes right now.
#7. Consider dropping a class. If you are overwhelmed right now at the beginning of the semester, it will only get worse later. Make sure to know your school's policy now on dropping and adding classes without penalty. Consult your advising office if you don't know, and mark the date, just in case.
#8. Use your school's services. Many schools have study labs complete with tutors that are totally free. See if your school offers these. Use them if you need them.
#9. Let your instructor help. If you know that you are not doing well in a class, and you can't drop the class, then definitely go and talk to your instructor. Sometimes he or she can help. In the worst-case scenario, you can sometimes work out an incomplete and finish your work within a prescribed time if you have a family emergency or illness. It doesn't hurt to find out about that.
#10. Try your best. This means going to every class (even if you are tired that day), turning in assignments on time, following directions, and listening. You may want to invest in a digital recorder for class to make sure you get every point your instructor wants you to know.
Here are some more tips:
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I hope these tips are useful. And add some as comments. I would love that!!
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