Saving Money for Nontraditional Students

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How to save money while you are going back to school...
Truthfully, I didn't think I would find much on this subject online, but voila! I am finding a lot.
If you are in school, you probably already know a lot about saving money, just because experience is such a good teacher. But there may be some hints in the articles here that can help even more. Here are three terrific articles about saving money at school.
#1. 118 Ways to Save Money at College
This article gives beaucoup ways to save money, including on your bank, your credit cards, alcohol, food, computers, entertainment and more.
#2. Saving Money from the Campus Grotto site. This list includes taking courses at community college, then transferring your credits to a 4-year one. Note: make sure they WILL transfer first. Here is that link: Saving Money: 50 Tips for College Students.
#3. Article Cat has a good article about saving money while going back for your GED. If you are taking online classes, you can always save on gas, of course, and can sometimes get more than one thing done at home. The part about being able to babysit your kids while you are studying does not always work though. It helps if they are asleep! :-) Here is that article: Get Your GED.
More ideas:
Some money-saving ideas I have used in the past include riding the school bus, buying course books used or online, walking places, taking snacks or lunch to school, shopping at thrift stores, re-using scrap paper for notes and for printouts on my computer,  cooking casseroles and soups at home, and cutting back on movies and eating out.
What are your money-saving ideas? List them in the comments section. Thanks ahead of time!
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