What NOT to do when told something questionable by a school counselor, more.

Checking in - - -how is your summer going? Plus a story about NOT always believing everything you hear...

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When I was in school the first time, summer was for WORKING, to save money for school.

Later, I went to Summer School to complete courses which I actually CLEP'ed out of, but did not get credit for. I realize now I COULD have gone up the ladder to protest this.... but did not. Yes, I was pretty ignorant back then. Probably, I still am, at least a little. But I am learning every day.

If this happens ever to you (a school Advisor tells you something that does not quite jibe - or not at all - with what you think is correct) don't just take their word for it. Go ask somebody else about it. Get it fixed. It could be a mistake.

Most of the time, they know their stuff. BUT they are human, so make an occasional mistake. Just saying. I'm sure it was not on purpose. 

Of course, it was. I remember summer was very hot. But the classes were fun anyhow. And easy.


I have moved on long ago from this. But hope this story can help others.

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