Thanksgiving, other Holidays, Taking Time for Yourself...

Sometimes it is all about studying. Even where there are holidays, Fall Breaks, and weekends available.

Well, the word "available' is misleading. Yes, the time might be marked on a calendar. But if you are like I was, you will need that extra time to complete reports, paperwork, and more for classes.

It all depends, then. Some nontraditional student might do as other students do, and head somewhere for the holidays. Or just for a weekend.

But still, if you are a nontraditional student, and even have to work some during the holidays, here are some great tips to help you "study smarter" and maybe get some time off for a change.

Check out the great Study Guides and Strategies website, made by Joe Landsberger. You can check out tips here for lots of different subjects (like Teaching/curriculum, writing, Time/project management, etc.) plus many study guides that help you learn at any age.

You might be able to carve out a few days just for yourself using the tips there.

Then you can:

1. Pamper yourself
2. Get your notes in order
3. Relax with family or friends
4. Reconnect with your pet(s)
5. Make a gourmet meal
6. Wrap presents
7. Send holiday cards to reconnect with friends
 8. Go somewhere for the weekend or longer...

Have a wonderful Fall and holiday season, nontrads! And I hope you can make some time available to just relax too, even if it is just for an afternoon here or there.

Photo by Ernst Moeksis on Flickr.

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