Why being in a Campus Nontrad Group is a good thing.

Nontraditional Students -- are you a member of a Campus Group?

For those in face-to-face classes, and even sometimes if you are taking online classes, sometimes a Nontraditional Student Group is available via your school.

These groups can help you navigate all the changes you may be going through - - changes in your life, child care, learning and study skills, how busy you are, learning computers and how to get online for classes, who are the best advisors, what courses to take first, and how to get around the rules and regulations of school.

You will also get some other great benefits.

1. You can ask questions of your peers.
2. You will feel better about being back in school.
3. You will make friends.
4. You will have a better chance of staying in school.
5. You will be able to exchange information.

Try asking Student Affairs at your school about a possible group. You can also google this information online, or check at the Nontrad website to see what groups are available in your state or at your school.

If you do not have a group to join, you can also join a Nontrad group online at Yahoo or on Facebook.

Are you going back to school after a break? Are you thinking about it?

Or maybe you are helping nontraditional students follow their dream.

You have come to the right place.

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