Nontraditional Students are Making a Difference - for others, and for themselves.

I saw an article today that was so inspiring.

It was about older students who wanted to make a difference.  The article went on to list fields that older people could make a difference WITH.

When I run across this article again, I will list it here. This article gave me a great idea. To me, it's a no-brainer.

I agree with that article. Many nontraditional students DO want to make a difference.

Many of us grew up with Earth Day, wanting justice for everyone, and having great dreams. Some of us went on to have children and take that "money" job to make sure there was food on the table, so that our families could survive.

We put aside our dreams of making a difference. And sometimes that is what the real world seems to make us do. But sometimes we forget that we have a choice.

Some people just did what they thought they had to do. But in the back of some people's minds was their original dream. They never quite let it go. They wanted to help the environment, make the world a better place, or make a real difference in other people's lives, work for world peace, or change the world in a good way.

What's great is, you can still do that! And many nontraditional students ARE deciding they can make a difference.

People are living longer today. People who are older don't have to have just one career. They don't have to give up on their dream of making a difference.

Here are some fields that older people can go into, that DO make a difference in the world.

Social Work
Medical Work
Environmental Science
Foreign Language
Police work
And so many more fields.

And let's not forget the Peace Corps, Scouting, S.C.O.R.E., and many other volunteer groups too.

Are YOU going back to school to make a difference? Or maybe you making a difference right now.

Did you do that in the past?

If you are not going for your dream of making a difference, why not?

Share your dreams of making a difference. I will start the conversation by talking a bit about MY dreams of making a difference.

Current (art) and former (teaching) nontraditional student.

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  1. My dream was to become a teacher. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids, to help them achieve their dreams and inspire them to love writing and poetry.

    Now my dream has changed. I still care deeply about education, and about our young people, but now I want to help other new teachers, help older students, and also express myself through writing and art.

    I guess dreams do change. Maybe I will be teaching again some day, but then again, maybe not.


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