Greetings, Nontrads! Here is something about you, and how to find support.

Are you a nontraditional student?

Harvard Band Students - by Benfeing on the Wikimedia website.

And what does "nontraditional student" mean? Being a nontraditional student could mean you are going back to school after a break. It could also mean that you may have a family, are living off-campus, or just consider yourself non-traditional.

You could be going to trade school, college, community college, or going back to school to get your GED.

If you are NOT a nontraditional student, you may read this blog in order to help nontraditional students, or you might be curious about them.

If you are going to school nowadays, though, chances are you have met at least one, and probably more, nontrads.

There are as many types of nontrads as there ARE nontrads. But all students going back to school after a break do have a LOT in common, I feel.

#1. They have gumption. They are brave to go back to school, because it can be harder for them than for other students.

#2. They are going for their dreams, which could be to finish what they already started, to go into another field completely, OR to further their job potential.

#3. They need friend and family support.

How does a nontraditional student find support? Many schools provide support at the school or online, with groups or special advising.

Other students find family support or support from their friends easily. Others need to find this support elsewhere, and that is where the following sites can help.

For instance, The Nontrad site and blog (this one!) is a great place to start.

Just plug in your school or state on the website and see what support or groups are there.

Join Nontrads on Facebook and ask a question or just get to know other nontraditional students there.

Ditto for  Nontrads on Yahoo.

Nontrads on Twitter features great links and advice too.

I hope to see you at one of our other sites, or on the main Nontrad site.

Thanks for visiting my site today!

Current (art) and former (teaching) nontraditional student.
Bowling Green, Kentucky.

FYI: About us: This is the Nontraditional Student blog. We help nontraditional students by great articles, links to other websites, and communities for nontraditional students. We are all about going back to school after a break. We publish twice a week, and welcome guest posters too. Just email me at lizann447 at yahoo dot com if you would like to be featured as a Guest Poster. It looks great on a resume! :-)

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