Tips for Newbie Nontrads - add some yourself too!

Are you a Newbie Nontrad? Have you searched for advice out there and either found some or not? Here is some more to add to your list(s).

Some of this advice is for "traditional" students who attend face-to-face classes. Other advice is for either FTF students OR online students.

#1. Get a good, portable calendar. Use it - - you will be SO much more organized.

#2. Do NOT miss a class if you can help it. This goes also for online students.

#3. Get a thicker skin. You may be stared at sometimes. Don't worry, you will get used to it.

#4. Just chalk it up if you do things like walk into glass doors or fall up the stairs. It's OK to be a klutz sometimes.

#5. Remember that is IS OK to sit in the front or near the front. You can hear better there, and it's harder to be distracted.

#6. DON'T feel like you always have to be the one answering your teacher's questions. Trust me. You will be glad holding back once in awhile and letting other students have a chance.

#7. If you can, get a locker if you have "real" books and you have not just ordered online versions.

#8. DO ask your teacher a question if you have one. Preferable: after class. OR make an appointment.

#9. Spread out your assignments. Use your calendar for this.

#10. Relax and make some friends! You can also make a study group.

Any other good suggestions? Please leave them as a comment. Thanks!

Current and Former Nontraditional Student

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