The University of Oregon Nontrad News

I found a fun web page about nontraditional students today.

It is from the University of Oregon and is called their Nontrad News. It is under the Dean of Students umbrella on the site. This site for nontraditional students includes a Resource Guide and information about Veterans Awareness week, a contact person (so important), and Nontraditional Student Profiles too. Here is that site page: The University of Oregon Nontrad News.

I really like this page, and will be adding it to the Nontraditional Student resource page at the BA Nontraditional Students website's Oregon page. I know that students in Oregon will be happy to find out all the services and help that this school offers.

Other things they have on this page are listings and pages for other activities just for nontraditional students, such as a Student  Families Clothing and Toy Exchange, (they had this on November 5th), a helpful link to the Health Center, a workshop called Get Savvy (for academic success) and a lot more.

I like how they let nontraditional students know just what is offered at the school for all ages. I also like how they include a contact number for each section.

Good job, University of Oregon!

Former Nontraditional Student from Kentucky

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