Thanksgiving is coming up - - where will you be on that day?

I am thinking about Thanksgiving for this whole month.

Hello, nontraditional students, and those who help them. I hope things are going well for you. Leave and comment and let me know.

I was thinking about Thanksgiving today. I think about Thanksgiving before it happens. I guess that makes it more special to me. To me, it's a time to be thankful of everything in my life that I'm glad about, not the least of which is a great Thanksgiving supper.

This year is a hard one for many people... and must be for some nontraditional students, too. I hope that this day will be a good one for as many people as possible. I know some of you plan to visit family OR host them. And every family has different traditions for Thanksgiving.

I remember when I was first in school, all the out-of-state and foreign students would move into just one dorm for the holidays. That meant they had to pack up their things too. During this time their other rooms would be cleaned. They stayed at the school, because they could not afford to go all the way home. I hope these students got together and had a good time with each other as their family away from home.

Lucky me... I get to go to my daughter's house for Thanksgiving. I hope those who are far from home can find some friends who are like family to celebrate Thanksgiving with.

What are your thoughts about Thanksgiving? Are there some nontraditional students out there who are far from home? Does your school, church, or group have a Thanksgiving dinner for people who need it? Or have you made friends who group together during the holidays? Do you also think about Thanksgiving a lot this month?

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