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Are you a non-traditional student? Chances are you are taking courses to improve your life and/or job.

I personally think that non-traditional students can face many more challenges in their quest for academic success.

I hope that this blog can help other non-traditional students find tools, money for college, motivation, and information.

I found a site today that I would like to share.

Click here for this link. It's the Prentice Hall (publisher) site.

I like this site because they have a small section on non-traditional students who have kids, and a section for those who don't. Plus, there are areas that you can click to help with goal-setting, which I think is SO important.

For more non-traditional student links, such as scholarship links and motivational links, you can check out the Non-traditional Students website. I plan to put more state links there soon.

I plan to share more useful links here in the future. Please let me know what YOU would like to learn about becoming or continuing to be a non-traditional student.

Feel free to post your experiences and comments, too.

Until next time, I am:

(the Non-traditional Student.)

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  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Another great website for non traditional learners is which provides a free guide to distance learning. Just thought you might like that link too for your blog post.


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