Learning New Things!

I am thrilled to be learning new things this semester. First, I plan to continue this blog about Non-traditional Students and keep my other blog at the Betsyanne blogspot too.

THEN, I plan to learn how to record some podcasts and start my own radio station. ALSO, I want to teach myself how to make videos and also post these online.

Some subjects: NOT giving up, how to motivate yourself to get good grades in school (high school and college), where to get scholarships, how to choose the right University, etc. etc. I know there are plenty of good subjects out there. Motivation interests me especially -- and how does somebody put their mind on a project and actually DO it?

I want to talk about procrastination and how to avoid it, too. Also, I have learned MANY teaching tricks I want to put online.

I feel SO good that I am finally getting a chance to do these things. I will put a link here to my podcasts and videos when I get them done. It should be a LOT of fun. Let me know if anyone out there has any hints for me, or subjects they would like me to do a podcast or video about.

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