I was a Non-Traditional Student in Education

Don't you love this old train cut? I found it here at the (free) rail art page.

I was a non-traditional student in Education. I went back to get my teaching certification in English and Allied Arts, having already gotten my undergraduate degree in English and a minor in Art.

It was hard to decide which to do - English or Art. I knew there were more jobs in English, so eventually I made the choice to go for the English certification. I only recently finished my college work.

While I was doing my work towards my initial certification, I was required to observe other teachers' classes. I was allowed to also look at Art classes to see if I was making the right choice for me. I realized I still loved art, but loved English as well, especially the writing part!

I have now completed 1/2 of my required First Year teaching English. I have learned so much. I would like to complete the second half - and may do another year. Then I can decide whether teaching English is for me. Right now I am enjoying the computer lessons I am doing in my new business, Betsy's CGC. I am online a lot, putting books on Amazon for sale, and also putting items on Ebay.

I want to also start (FINISH!) my book this year. SO, I will be very busy. Eventually I may want to continue my schooling and at least take a few more classes. I want to take a class in Grant Writing and also make some pottery and jewelry. I may teach myself those, however. The Pots Place in Bowling Green offers classes in pottery, and since I'm already an Associate there I can go in and try my hand. I already took a class at Western Kentucky University, so I will be building on that.

This summer (or spring!) I want to continue building on the Non-Traditional Schools website. There are even more articles I could write for there. I want to offer some online classes and podcasts to help students get back into school. I am glad that I went back to school as a non-traditional student. I feel more self-confident now than I did knowing only one field (the Printing field). Sometimes a person can get stuck in an area of expertise and never try to learn and grow.

That's why I think non-traditional students are doing a great thing for themselves. They are not just staying in the same old rut... they are discovering other, new possibilities. Thinking about going back to school is a good thing, and actually DOING IT is even better.

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