Get Connected... at your school, or online, in class, with your teachers, more.

Here are some great reasons to get connected as a Nontraditional Student.

#1. It can help you get through school. Feeling connected helps people stay in school, and can make the whole process more fun too.

#2. You can help OTHERS get through too.

#3. You can influence policies in your school if you are involved in a school group.

#4. You won't feel as alone, and can talk out things.

Get connected at school.
You can get connected at your school or college. You can start your own Nontraditional Student group. OR check to see if your school already has a group you can join. Check the Nontraditional Student website and look under your state or country.

Get connected online.  
There are some great groups out there, on Facebook and other places too.
Here is one:
The Nontraditional Facebook page 

Get connected with fellow students in class.
Start a study group.
Talk to other students, meet for coffee or lunch.

Get connected with your teachers or professors.
Ask questions! Share your opinion (but not TOO much!)

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Think of some other good reasons to Get Connected? List them as a comment.


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