Nontraditional students - - we are coming into our own. We CAN do it.

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I agree with this person. Yes, We CAN do it, nontraditional students.

We can go back to school.

We can feel good about ourselves doing it, and

We can help other nontraditional students too.

Yes, it's been a long haul, and sometimes some of us still feel un-included and alone. We wonder if we have done the right thing. We worry that if we go back again we will be in more debt. And that we won't find support at school OR in our families.

But I that attitudes are changing across the country. Older students are feeling more included, and more welcomed at trade school and at colleges. And their families are supporting them more.

On the horizon, I see a new wave of nontraditional student who are getting back into school in a big way, and realizing that they CAN make a better life for themselves and their families.

There is support out there for older students, who may be going back to school after a break. Some define nontraditional students more narrowly, as students over 24. Others realize that some students younger than this may have families, or may have taken a break from school.

Still others are older than most, maybe in their 50's and 60's, and may have always wanted to do something - - be it art, science, teaching, whatever... that they felt they would have been good at.

Some schools are doing things for this student population - - like providing opportunities for clubs, special study areas, lockers, get-togethers, and even babysitting services. Some allow nontrads to join National groups and even host meetings for ANTSHE and give awards, such as Pinnacle and Spire.

I think that's great.

What are things like for nontraditional students today? I went back over 5 years ago, and I took education classes. I tried teaching out, too (long story) and I'm writing a book about it too.

Let me know your experiences. Leave a comment!


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Remember, Nontrads, We CAN do it! :-)