Are you a Nontrad? There are others. And there IS support out there...

There are new nontraditional students who enter school every semester.

Are you a nontraditional students? As you may know, Nontrads may be older students, some have families, many work full or part-time, and some have been to college before.

Others have taken a short or long break, then have finally gone back to school.

It takes planning and support to go back to school. It's a big step. Some have dreams of a better life, and others have dreamed of learning about a new subject. Some take out loans and some have full or partial scholarships.

Know that there IS support out there. Some support may be at your school, in the form of nontrad clubs or study areas, special classes or times, and dedicated Advising areas.

If you are an online student, some of your fellow students may be nontraditional students too!

Go, nontrad students!

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