Nontraditional Students and ANTSHE

Have you been to the ANTSHE pages?

ANTSHE stands for the Association for Non-traditional Students in Higher Education. It's a great group to join because they have an annual conference you can go to as an individual or with your campus group.

If you are not a member as part of your campus group, ask about it.

They have revamped their website again, and have a great Veteran's Links Page there now too.

This group is now sponsored by the Pinnacle Honor Society, which is an honor society just for nontraditional students.

You can check the ANTSHE Veteran's Page out here.

Here is their description (from the website) "ANTSHE is an international partnership of students, academic professionals, institutions, and organizations whose mission is to encourage and coordinate support, education, and advocacy for the adult learner."

I hope you are doing great, nontraditional students, and everyone who helps them.

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Former Nontraditional Student in Education, WKU
Here is their link again: The ANTSHE pages

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