Via Yahoo: 3 Common Questions From Nontraditional Students Answered

This article is worth a look.

Here are the three questions it answers:

#1. Is the FAFSA a waste of my time?

#2. Can I get financial aid as a part-time student?

and #3. Does the school help with day care?

I liked reading about Day Care options at several schools.  I wish all schools and college would offer subsidized Child Care! It would make such a huge difference to nontraditional students. And I had forgotten about financial aid for part-time students. I was full time when I went back, like many nontraditional students.

I have to agree that filling out your FAFSA form is a great idea, and worth the time you take to fill it out and get your ID. They don't just have Federal aid, they have State aid, school aid, and scholarship information too.

ALWAYS important to remember is to go only to the OFFICIAL FAFSA site, which is here.

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Have a great week, nontrads and freinds!

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