Nontraditional Students - start a blog. I would like to feature it here.

There have been some GREAT nontraditional student blogs online. 
They document the experiences of many different older students.

Are you a nontraditional student? You may consider doing this. Some nontrads have gone from an undergraduate blog to a graduate blog. Others have morphed their educational blog into a life and personal blog.

If you are writing about your nontraditional student experience, please list your blog below as a comment. Thanks! I will be happy to feature it here on the blog too. I use the Blogger platform for most of my blogs, it is free and easy. Also, Wordpress is another good platform you can use.

And check out the blogs to the right here. Some are blogs written by students like you.

I would like to know what's happening with YOUR experience. I will repost this on the Yahoo site and also on the Facebook page to see who is writing a blog right now.

Did you know that some colleges are inviting their students to blog on their OWN college site? It's true. And some have invited nontraditional students to do this too.

So... get creative! It's good writing practice too.

Former Nontraditional Student in Education (Teaching; English and Allied Arts, WKU.)

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