Notetaking 101: Lesson Two: How to take Good Notes


Lesson Two: 5 more suggestions to help you succeed.
1. Use a highlighter. Highlight important notes so they stand out when you study for a test. You can check your notes later and highlight the important parts, too. Just highlighting your notes will be a review of them, because you will be looking at them for a second time. Thanks for this tip, TRR!

2. If you do not use a free-flowing pen, have a mechanical pencil with a thicker than usual lead. Thanks again, TRR!

3. If you are taking notes from a PowerPoint presentation, label each section of notes with the same number as each slide you see. Only write extra things on each section that are NOT on the slide. Usually, you will be able to see these slides again online, because they are posted there.
Print out the PowerPoint presentation and keep these for studying too. You can write on the printouts in class. If your teacher has not posted the slides online, ask them to do that, and they probably will, because it will help the students and be worth their time. This suggestion is from Nicki - thanks, Nicki!
4. Sit in the front of the class, if possible. This helps you take good notes because you can see the black or whiteboard or presentation better, plus you can hear what the teacher is saying better. You will have fewer distractions because the students who are talking to each other are probably located closer to the back of the room. The teacher also will notice you more, which is usually a good thing.

5. Keep your notes for each class separate, without fail. You will appreciate this most right before a test. You will not have to sort through and organize your notes then, it will already be done. Plus they will be in correct order.

Also, make sure to put your notes inside your class folder each day after class. That way if you are using lined paper or paper without 3-ring holes, you can punch the notes and put them where they go without losing them in the bottom of your backpack or having them waft out of your book pile.

Have more suggestions? List them after this so I can share them with everyone. Thanks!

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Got some more great note-taking ideas? List them below and I will repost this later with all of your ideas added. Thanks!

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