Online classes and relationships

Computer classes...
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On-line classes (or distance classes) vs. in-class classes:

It is really fun to take on-line classes sometimes. It's also true what they say, though - online classes can be even harder than "regular" classes where you are actually sitting in a class. When I took online classes, that's how it seemed to me. Not that it's impossible, only harder.

One of the younger students didn't keep up with one of the online classes I took. It was sad, too, because it was a writing class and the person was really talented. The ones (like me!) who just kept shloggin along did OK.

I did enjoy getting to know people face-to-face. It made going back to school more fun. You do get to know people sometimes in online classes. Some teachers like to meet for the first time in person, and then have the rest online. Some professors are doing some classes online, and some not. The day classes are mostly traditional. I think there is room for both. If a person MUST only take online classes, he or she must know that they take a lot of time, and he or she must check online often for assignments, and PLAN AHEAD.

Your Calendar
It's so important to have a calendar and mark out your personal deadlines there. You can take an assignment and break it up in to smaller pieces. That makes it SO much easier when it's crunch time and the assignment, paper, or project is all of a sudden due the next week. Don't set yourself up for high blood pressure or an all-nighter. The assignment calendar helps SO much. It has saved me many a time.