Motivation... how a non-traditional student can find it.

Non-traditional students DO have motivation. The ones that sign up, have a goal, and pursue that goal, while keeping up with a job, other responsibilities, a family, etc. etc. -- these people DO have motivation.

It helps to bolster motivation sometimes. I go to ITunes, my Mac's music and podcast-playing program, to help with motivation to do many things I must accomplish this summer.

If you do not have ITunes, you can download a FREE version by clicking this link:

Both FREE music downloads and pay music downloads are available here. Haven't heard your favorite artist for awhile? Download a song for only $1.00.

New artists are often featured and you can get FREE song downloads to listen to... to see if you like them.

I listen to motivational podcasts on ITunes. I just select "Podcasts" at the upper left, and search the podcasts listed there, OR I find them online with search terms (just like you look for any page, only select "podcast" too) -- I have found many fun podcasts and load them on to ITunes using the Advanced and Subscribe to Podcast buttons (on the program, above.)

Non-traditional students can find classes, music, and motivation here at ITunes and on the internet. Here are a couple of motivational podcasts that I like:
The Procrastination Podcasts and
the Metamorphosis Site
(scroll down the page a little and click on "Audio Feed.")

Let me know if you like them!
Email me at Until next time!