Deciding which classes to take

A major decision students have to make is what classes to take - how many at once, etc. Making a written plan with an advisor is a good step to take, whether or not your college requires this. You can zero in on your goals much easier this way.

Do you need basic requirements or are you getting a post-graduate degree or teaching certification? What kind of schedule do you require? Luckily, most colleges offer classes both during the day and at night or online.

Find out what constitutes full-time status at your University or college. And read the fine print on your loan or grant papers. Some loans or grants require full-time attendance.

REGISTER EARLY. The earlier you register, the better class schedule you will obtain. Always look into pre-requisites, which are the classes that are required before other classes. Sometimes a class you need will only be offered in the Spring or Fall semester. Take the time (at least a day) that you need to really look carefully at your class choices.

CHECK OUT YOUR PROFESSOR - there are a couple of good websites you can check out your professor with. One is ProfEval at and the other is PickaProf at