Non-traditional Students blog


I am so happy to get this non-trad students blog going. I have found a great website called Feedburner that will syndicate a blog and also will do podcasts.

Later on, I will be purchasing a microphone. This will help me get going on a Non-traditional student podcast. There are some good podcasts out there that I have listed on the Nontraditional Students website, but I'd also like to do one.

THE FAFSA SITE - are you thinking of going back to school? Do you want to know if you qualify for a government loan or a grant? Make sure and go to the OFFICIAL FAFSA site. It is here:

Ideally, it is good to get your FAFSA reports back and THEN apply for college. Your advisor at the school you select will be able to see what kind of financial aid package you qualify for with your official FAFSA score. So it's Step One in your journey back to school.