Checking in with my fellow Nontraditional Students - - and Back to Blogging, too...


I'm going back to blogging. At least part-time! So of course, I chose the Nontraditional Student blog to start back with FIRST.

I got an email from someone at a college, who said they hoped to start a Nontraditional Student group. I think that's great. When I hear back again, I hope I can put the group on their State Page.

I checked out the Nontraditional Student website today, too. Oh my gosh! The ads looked totally huge. I will be fixing that hopefully soon.

Is anyone else working on taxes too? I can't wait to finish that.


So... comment if you are in school right now. I will assume you are doing Distance Learning, to stay safe. But you never know.

I want COVID to go away. But know it will still be awhile. Can't wait for my shots.

I wonder if colleges will be having their own shot clinics.

Comment with what YOU are doing if you have time. I hope to be back, sharing more. Will share some links for now. The Scholarship Pages are still up, but some need to be re-linked and checked.

Here they are:

Scholarships Page One (from the Nontrads site)

and Scholarships Page Two (ditto).

I have my favorites there... one is Fastweb and another is the Fatomei site.


I am very glad you stopped by today. I hope to do some more  blog postings soon. Any suggestions on topics? Make a comment, or send your idea to: Subject Heading: Nontraditional Students blog at lizann447@yahoo dot com. Thank you!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend to those who watch, too. I may check out some of that!

Until next time,


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