Nontrads in the snow - - Links for my Texas Nontrad friends - and more.

Hello from KY.

I hope you are all staying safe and warm, my Nontrad friends, especially those in Texas and other hard-hit areas like Louisiana and Oklahoma. I hope that you have enough food. And can wait for your Covid shot safely.

Many people are thinking about the energy disaster in Texas today. It's all over the news. I see pictures of broken pipes, people in lines, fire damage, and don't know how long it's going to last. This disaster is going to hurt a lot of people. I pray for their safety during this time. 

On Facebook, there are some links available now. And there are warming houses set up, along with other ways to get help. There are more links, too, just scroll to the end of this posting to see them.

1) One is 211 - - call that number for help.

2) Food and Water Sites in the Houston Area: Scroll down to see other cities.

3) From the Children Like Loni FB page:

"If you receive SNAP benefits and your food was destroyed due to power outages you can request replacement benefits for this month ONLY.

Submit a signed form 1855 and upload to your portal at

*information was forwarded and I’m passing along to all who it may apply to*"

FromThe White House: 

"Texas — Carbon monoxide poisoning is a major risk. If you’re struggling to stay warm, please do not:
- Run generators indoors
- Use gas appliances like stoves for heat
- Sit in your car in the garage to stay warm
Visit to find a warming shelter near you."

Some more disaster resources are here:

If you know of more, please list here as a comment. Thank you ahead of time.

Here in KY, we are kind of snowed in in some places. But it's nothing like part of Texas are going through right now.

We are all thinking of you today, Texas residents! (And... see below, also Oklahoma and Louisiana...)

How you can help:

Yellow Rose by Bigal101 on Morguefile.

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