Going back to college or taking classes? There is a LOT out there...

I am considering going back to school - - - again. I already went back once. Will I do it? I am not yet sure.

But I totally forgot that our local University has FREE tuition if you are 65 or older.! This is a BIG plus. I have written about it, but the time is coming nearer for me.

This age is NOT so far away any more, like it used to seem.

I plan to look up my options later on to find out what is available. There is so much I am interested in, so the choice will (again) be hard.

Last time I took English, Drama in the Schools, etc. to get an initial Teaching Degree. As you probably know, this follows up with a Masters later, required by most schools.

I did not follow up - - yet.

But that is one option.

There are other things and classes that sound VERY interesting. Some are good for a business or employment options.

Among them are:

Art - painting, sculpture, pottery, weaving, printmaking... etc...
Art Therapy
Art Education
Creative Writing

Poetry - - and there are lots more things that sound fabulous - classes, other minors or majors, etc. in my area, and maybe in yours.

Western Kentucky University is the place I will look first. Their Adult Learners page is here: https://www.wku.edu/adultservices/.

More VERY interesting schools follow. These are local, but you also might have similar places in your area.

The local Community Education Enrichment Classes (for Lifelong Learners)
BG Technical College (Adult Learners Page)
South Central Kentucky Community and Technical College

I keep seeing other interesting classes to take - online. Some are reasonable in cost. Some are more expensive. I do prefer face-to-face teachers, so we'll see.

I will write HERE when I do decide for sure later on what I plan to do and take.

PS If you are also interested in going back to school, for the first time or again, be sure to find out about how to get help as a Nontraditional Student, too - at this posting from this blog:

Put your query in the Search Box too, and see what you find out here. Scholarship pages are available, plus more.

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