10 Tips for Success as a Nontraditional Student - version 10 ;-)

Nontraditional Students - 10 Tips for Success, Version 10.

#1. Make sure the school you choose is a good one - most important: the credits TRANSFER OVER to other colleges.

#2. Check your Student Loans - and try to get a government-sponsored one vs. a Private Loan, which charges MUCH higher interest.

#3. If you can, try a Junior College or Tech School for your first 2 years. See #1 - your credits MUST be able to transfer over if you choose a good 2nd school for your second 4 years, if desired.

#4. Make sure your school is accredited and has a high rating.

#5. Does your school or college help you find a job after you graduate? Find out. Visit your School Advisor more than once. Bring a list of questions for them.

#6. Know the facts - - will your Major or Minor translate into a good job? Look into this. Yes, a college degree WILL still open doors. But look into taking something for the qualifications too, if you can. Consider a double Major, or a Major and Minor. Or a Certificate Program.

#7. See if your school groups accept older students. Some do. Some have Nontraditional Student support too, and groups.

#8. Be prepared to work HARD. Have a system. Make study groups. Get in touch with your teachers and professors. ATTEND CLASS! (Yes, these are more than one Tip...)

#9. Be cautious if you decide to attend Summer School. The classes are squished into less time, and may be very much harder for some students.

#10. Take an Career Test. Learn where the Study Help exists for students - join a Club. Take some classes (if you can) for fun or learning what is out there.

Some more tips: Make some friends! (See #8 and #10 Club tip). Talk to people! Go to a game or two! Stop to smell the roses. Enjoy your time at school. Don't worry about being older, just enjoy your experience. Take both online and in-person, face-to-face classes.

Try to limit your student debt (I know, that is hard right now). If you have to, take one or two classes at a time.

Add your own tips as comments. And have fun as you go back to school.

Former Nontraditional Student in English and Allied Arts
Former English Major and Art Minor.

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