And now for the Nontrads. Happy New Year! Hoping for the best for all Nontrads, starting with a BANG in 2018.

Happy New Year (again) .... we are starting with a BANG... and what I plan for this blog in 2018 and more.

More about 2018: And what I am doing this year:

1. Re-starting the Nontrad News (this month)
2. Regularly posting in 2018 on ALL the blogs I have,
3. Re-doing Sites - the Nontraditional Student site, for one...
4. Taking Girl Scout online classes (part of Volunteer Training)
5. Writing some Lesson Plans and etc.
6. Making some Art
7. Keeping up with Politics!

I won't go too much into my politics, but suffice it to say I am following politics very closely. If you have not seen the Rachel Maddow show, it's very good. She also loves to stay up with the very latest political news.

As for being a Nontraditional Student, many of my readers know that I did go back to school as an older student. It was in English and Allied Arts Education. I got my Initial Certification, then taught for one Semester. I made it through the Semester, and then stopped teaching. At least, for pay. I am not sure whether I will do more (in public schools anyway). But I may change my mind later.

Was it worth it? A huge YES to that. I learned so much, and now want to help other students get motivated and do it, too.

I know that this year has its own issues... including what is happening nationwide, with many schools having to cut back on expenses. They are not getting a lot of support from States or Nationally. Here in Kentucky we do have a subsidized (but limited) program to help get students for certain jobs. I will be able to find out more about this program this year too.

Nontraditional Students will also also want to see what happens about:
1. Their student loans (I was lucky, only had 2 years vs. another 4 to pay... plus had low-interest Government Loans plus a Grant to help out...)
2. Credits - will they transfer? (And the current For Profit Schools situation...)
3. Deciding what to take in school (for those on the fence...)
4. Working to try to get a scholarship
5. Many questions about what the classes you take will help you with in the future.
6. The Job Market and Ageism...
7. Online opportunities
8. More.

I hope to delve into the above issues and more this year. Comment below if you want me to post about other things to do with Nontraditional Students too.

To finish up, I hope everyone had a GREAT Holiday and New Year's too. And hope THIS year is great for you.


Who are Nontraditional Students? They are students going back to school after a break, and may be in age anywhere from 24 to 100+. They are re-attending high school, or they are attending college or trade school, community college. They are taking online classes, in-person classes, maybe commuting to school, and going part-time or full-time. Some have families, some do not. So there are a lot of them!

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