Aug. 2017: Politics, Social Media, and more... sharing.

Busy does not even cover my life right now. Yet, I still dream about going back to school - again.

Just today I remembered how FUN my English classes were. Art was maybe not as fun, but I got a lot out of these classes too. Art was HARD and required a lot of work. English, not so much.

ANYWAY, as the title says, this posting is about Politics, Social Media, and more. I am not sure how much FUN these subjects are, but right now they are taking up a lot of time with research and just wanting to KNOW what is going on in the life of the country, and the world.

Who is not absolutely gobsmacked at the news every day? I know I am. It's easy to get so involved with the News Happenings, when our President is doing so many shocking and unexplainable things (to me, anyway). I have actually had one relative tell me to "drop dead", which was unexpected and I assume has something to do with politics. I think we CAN eventually all get along again, and hope it happens soon. In my opinion, the country is more important than our differences.

Just yesterday, a commenter on MSNBC (another "real" TV news site) said that he feels what the country is going through right now (North Korea vs. Trump) is a lot like the Cuban Missile Crisis. People old enough to remember this or who have studied this will know that it was a seriously dangerous time. As I feel it is today.

I found out today via NPR (which is a REAL news site) that "bots" (fake persona on Facebook) are still alive and well, and posting all over the place. They take over somebody's account or duplicate it, then post as though they are a real person, repeating Fake News and getting everybody riled up about it. And yes, Russia is still doing it in a BIG way. So I will be trying to find out how to fight this. I think we should all be fighting it, including all the States and the US Government.

Luckily, school sites are largely on other platforms, such as Blackboard and probably others. So they don't have to worry about this as much. They zero in on their work. But I'll bet Campus Groups are talking about these things.

So, now I'm back to dreaming about school. I do that a lot.

About this blog and group: I started this group (and the Nontraditional Student website) (which I hope to update soon) because I was VERY excited about going back to school. Now, I consider myself learning every day online and from "real" news about current events and more. I have many FB pages (real ones) and I feel they are helping other people, which makes them worthwhile to me.

I asked today about a Creative Writing or Author or Poetry group in my town. I hope to join one soon. A CLASS in these things would also be fun. And isn't FUN something that makes it worthwhile to do? I think I am missing this element sometimes. FUN is important, and often overlooked.

So I hope you are having some FUN in at least one class or group.

A HUGE shout out to all Nontraditional Students and Wannabees.