Yay! Membership is up to 700. It's time to make another newspaper for my readers.

A NEW Nontraditional Students News newsletter will be made soon.

I told myself the time was right when I had 700 readers sign up.

Maybe I will put a FEW of my postings there. But mostly it will be a fun newsletter or newspaper JUST for nontraditional students.

If you would like to submit an article, just let me know. (And I will need to read and OK it first...)

Real people telling real stories would be great. If you have stories from your time as a nontraditional student, I think people will want to read these.

Neat cartoons, photos, etc. are also great ideas, as are Resource Links, poetry, and more. I am also looking for an Advice Columnist, though it does sound fun to do myself too...

I will give you a by-line, of course! But can't pay you. At least yet. But if you want to see your name in print, and be able to say you wrote for the Nontraditional Student News, just let me know. Plus, it could be really fun. AND might lead to more down the road.

I may put some free ads in it this time. If you would like to have an ad, and I think it's OK for the issue, let me know. Right now paid ads are just $5 per issue. I will have different options later and probably have yearly options and size options too. School ads are A-OK too. I am thinking of having 4 issues per year. This might change later.

Not sure what size they will be yet later. I will see what looks best.

I might start a mailing list for printed copies next for subscription. For now, it's a digital only edition.

This will be a paper for commuter students, nontraditional students, adults going back to school, tips for nontrads, and much more. I'm excited!!

Email me or leave a comment. I'm at lizann447@yahoo.com.

Betsyanne, Editor
The Nontraditional Student News

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