The Nontraditional Student site of the day: The ProfEval site

Oh, this one is fun. Find out at ProfEval if a teacher is the best one, or not.

There used to be more of these sites, but now the ProfEval site is the latest one I used when going back to school some years ago.

This is a site where you can go and see what kind of professor or teacher is teaching the class you want to take. Of course, not all schools are here, but the one I went to is (Western Kentucky University).

I went to try this site out again, and found it is a little slower than I remember. However, it does still work.

I went to my State, then my School, and selected "English" which had a few different choices. If I were doing a BIG search, I'd try every variety of that term.

The most recent posting seemed to be 2013. Some went back to 2015.

I think sometimes students WILL put bad reviews on here if they got a bad grade (and deserved it) or simply had a personality clash. SO, sometimes a teacher will be OK. So keep that in mind.

I did enjoy looking around here. I would personally check before deciding between, say, two different teachers. It might help a lot. You can also find out (sometimes) when a teacher gives tests, etc. which can be handy too.

Comment if you have used the site, and how you like it too.


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