The Nontraditional Student Site of the day for Jan. 25, 2015: ANTSHE!

Readers here and also people in some Nontraditional Student groups know about ANTSHE.

ANTSHE is the premier group for college students going back to school after a break. The initials stand for the Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education.

Group and individual memberships are available. Some schools offer this as part of being a nontraditional student there. (I like this!) Ask your school if a membership is offered, or if they would like to sponsor your group to attend.

ANTSHE has a yearly conference again this year. Dates are March 27th - 29th, at the National Conference Center  in Leesburg, Virginia. See their Conference Page to learn more about it.

Presenters will include: (from the site)

Dr. Belle Wheelan, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
Dr. Helen C. Miller, Hofstra University
Retired NFL Superbowl Champion Barrett Brooks
Mary Beth Lakin, and
Dr. Mary Ellen Dallman, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education and Director, USG Adult Learning Consortium

And the schedule posted is:

•Guest Speakers
•A Taste of Loudoun County
•Book Signings
•Poster Sessions
•Academic/Professional Presentations
by leading professionals in their field
•Prizes, Raffle & Silent Auction

•Present Scholarships

It sounds great. They also have an after-hours concert. 

Here is their Facebook page:

and website: - - and Twitter page too:

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Join me there. Later!

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