Nontraditional students, what are YOU thankful for?

Being Thankful....  5 reasons to be... (and add yours!)

So, it's almost Thanksgiving. Nontraditional students can have extra reasons to be thankful, I think.

Some things they can be thankful about are:

1. Having supportive family, friends, fellow students, or teachers. Or all of these.

2. Being able to change your life with education. This applies whether or not you decide to do whatever it is you are studying about.

3. For the chance to say, "I did it."

4. For being in an environment of learning.

5. For the dreams that got you there, and keep you going.

Is it hard to be thankful this year? Or have you got this? 

List your reasons to be thankful, or not - this year. Thanks!


Oh! and have a GREAT Thanksgiving too.

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