#10 and final posting in a series: Have you signed up for too many classes? What you can do...

This posting is an Expanded continuation of a posting called: More Tips for Nontraditional Students: 10 situations, plus possible solutions.

#10. (For the beginning or the middle of the semester only) You have signed up for too many classes.

Here is the advice from the original article.

"Investigate the Drop Class policy at your school. If you do it by the deadline, you may be able to drop one or more classes. Don't wait for this."

This is easier said than done. You should MARK the drop date on your Student Calendar and check it every day. This might be the only way you can drop a class on time. If the class is becoming very hard, and you feel in over your head, consider it. You can always take the class again, having a study group, etc.

You won't really have a choice if you go past the drop due date. You are stuck. Then you will need to pull out all the stops and really try your hardest.

AND your other classes might suffer.

I had a class once (it was a weaving class!) that was so time-consuming, it took more time than 3/4 of my other classes combined. There was not a question of dropping the class, but it was a very difficult semester. I would up with a great Final Project, but I was lucky not to have C's in a couple other classes.

Questions you can ask: Is this a required class? How many extra semesters might I have to go if I drop the class?

Don't beat yourself up too badly; I am sure many other students have this happen to them. I still don't know how I took 21 credits one semester. I was VERY busy. And probably should have dropped a class or two.

Talk to your Advisor - - they may have some ideas too.

Also, you can get more help with your remaining classes sometimes with free study help available at your school. Don't be embarrassed - just go there to find out more about that.

Start a Study Group right away in all your more difficult classes too.

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Investigate the Drop Class policy at your school. If you do it by the deadline, you may be able to drop one or more classes. Don't wait for this. - See more at: http://non-traditional-students.blogspot.com/2014/05/more-tips-for-nontraditional-students.html#.U-aWIUjGJox

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Here is the original posting again you might like to check out: More Tips for Nontraditional Students: 10 situations, plus possible solutions
Again, good luck this summer, whether you are in school, on vacation, at a job, or whatever you are choosing to do.

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