#7 in a series: Are you bored with school? Want more fun? Try these things.

This posting is an Expanded continuation of a posting called: More Tips for Nontraditional Students: 10 situations, plus possible solutions.

#7. School has become boring, or not fun at all.
The short answer I had on the original posting was: See if you can join a Club or Nontraditional Student group at your school. This might help.

It might. But you may not have a group there. Worse yet, you may have other reasons why school is not interesting to you anymore.

Are you having trouble with your classes? Maybe not. If your classes are boring, the good part of that is maybe you know what is going on and will get an A in each boring class. All you have to do is wait for that. And force yourself to attend class, sometimes easier said than done.

If it's become a duty, and you are having no fun at all, that is a really bad thing. It might make you quit if you don't do something about it. Luckily, there are more avenues for nontraditional students nowadays than there used to be. A study group might win a few friends for you (and better marks), but there are now OTHER groups that you might be able to join. Online nontrad groups are available too (see the bottom for these links) but actual Campus Clubs and Organizations are now more open than ever to all ages.

Is there a way you can make school more interesting? A Club may be just the ticket for that. Choose a club that really interests you. Love theater? Join the Theater Club. Or you might want to choose a Sorority or Fraternity. Yes, you heard right. Some now allow older students to join! (Of course, check first).

Try taking notes - - and asking questions of your teachers to make things more interesting. Find out if you can do any extra credit projects to fill up your time if you are bored. And if you decide to add a club to your activities, new friendships and an active social calendar will soon help your boredom - a LOT.

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Here is the original posting again you might like to check out: More Tips for Nontraditional Students: 10 situations, plus possible solutions.

My next posting will talk about
#8: You wanted A's, you got B's or C's.

Again, good luck this summer, whether you are in school, on vacation, at a job, or whatever you are choosing to do.

#5. You have Student Loans that seem to be adding up too fast. - See more at: http://non-traditional-students.blogspot.com/2014/05/more-tips-for-nontraditional-students.html#.U59gn6jGJox

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